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The Story of a Brand

Mar 29, 2022

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Speaking to her customers is a passion and critical element of the brand, says Daisy Jing, founder and CEO of Banish, the skincare brand that focuses on acne treatment.


"I'm constantly talking (to customers). We call them our soldiers. I'm constantly talking to them because, you know, in skincare, there are a million different products, right? There are a million different needs," Daisy says. "I want to make sure that we're close to our customers and giving them what they actually need."


Another essential facet of Banish's business plan is the number of products produced. They have launched seven products in nine years of business because each new product takes years to develop.


"Of course, it would help revenue if we had more products to sell," Daisy says. "But if you have acne, you can't use ten different products. You have to stick with the basics."


As a small business, throwing millions of dollars on a marketing plan isn't in the cards, Daisy says, so she focuses on creating the best products with the best ingredients. Let the results speak for themselves.


In Part 2, Daisy talks about:


* Her need to stay in constant touch with the brand's customers.
* The nuances of skincare products that consumers don't know.
* The story behind the formulation of Banish's sunscreen product.
* How sticking to fewer products helps the brand and its customers.
* Why people don't focus on the right metrics when shopping for skincare.
* How and why the brand's community focuses on people's stories.
* Where to start on the Banish website.


Join Ramon Vela and Daisy Jing as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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