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The Story of a Brand

Nov 28, 2022

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Stephen says, “Through the power and magic of photosynthesis, plants eat light. That's their food source. They need water, soil, and light. So we're feeding our plants light from the sun. They turn this light into vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Which means, when you eat these plants, you are filling yourself up with that light and all the good things like vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. So that’s why I’m so passionate about what we’re doing at Beyond Microgreens.”


Today, we interview Stephen Cowan, Founder of Beyond Microgreens. Beyond Microgreens is a US-based startup promoting health and wellness through Microgreens.


Microgreens are super nutrient-dense baby vegetables harvested at the peak of their nutritional density in the 2nd phase in the plant’s life, or around 10-14 days old. The plant never has more nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants than at its Microgreens phase!


We discuss:


* What he’s grateful for
* Overview and origin story of Beyond Microgreens
* What soil depletion has done to our vegetables
* Why he feels the plants are in charge and he is their humble servant
* Boulder as the silicon valley of natural products
* The science behind Microgreens
* Why Microgreens are so good for many illnesses and the elderly too
* Full transparency and why it’s so important
* And much more…


Join Ramon Vela and Stephen Cowan as we break down the inside story of Beyond Microgreens on The Story of a Brand.


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This episode is brought to you by Sendlane.


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