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The Story of a Brand

Jan 27, 2022

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Cast that net as big as possible - tells Billy about entering the shoe space. Today we have Billy Price, Co-Founder of BILLY Footwear, a footwear brand.


Billy has a degree in mechanical engineering. He worked for the Federal Aviation Administration for over 16 years. When Billy was 18 years old, he had a spinal cord injury. He felt his life was over as he lost his ability to move and enjoy the active lifestyle he loved. But his family and friends encouraged him to get through dark times.


Sometime later, he met his old friend, Darin Donaldson, who introduced him to entrepreneurship and his shoe company. Billy came up with the idea of adding zippers to shoes. This universal and convenient shoe design eventually led him to BILLY Footwear.


He discussed:


* Gratefulness
* His strategy for recovery
* Finding a mentor
* Denial and plan to get back
* His education and career
* Journey to BILLY Footwear
* Their target market
* Fashion and Function


Join Ramon Vela and Billy Price as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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