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The Story of a Brand

Jan 26, 2021

For our next episode, we sit back down with CEO and Co-Founder Aaron Luo to talk about his brand Caraa. Caraa is a luxury handbag brand created for everyone.

Creating Caraa was never meant to hold the same ideals as larger luxury brands. Caraa denies “exclusivity” to make the idea of luxury more accessible to the modern woman.

“There’s nothing wrong with luxury brands,” as Aaron mentions, “the idea is always ‘can we democratize good products?’” By producing a product in similar factories such as those that create luxury, Caraa has that same quality for lesser than the usual price. Between duffels, totes, and even their award-winning masks, check out today’s episode to hear the story behind Caraa.

In part 1, Aaron discusses Receiving feedback in a luxury space; Building inclusivity in a luxury space for consumers; Expensive doesn’t always mean better; COVID impacts; The future of Caraa; How to contact Caraa; and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Aaron as they discuss Caraa on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Caraa, visit:



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