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The Story of a Brand

Apr 18, 2024

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Welcome to another enlightening episode in which Ramon Vela dives deep into the journey of Mike Mahar, a visionary entrepreneur and partner at Digital Stronghold

The Digital Stronghold is a multi-brand platform supporting leading digitally native men’s apparel, accessories, and grooming brands in accelerating their growth.

Mike shares his fascinating career trajectory, valuable insights from his tenure with Taylor Stitch, and current endeavors shaping the future of men’s interest brands. 

Below are the key highlights of our conversation:

* Gratitude and Reflecting on a Mentor’s Impact
Mike reflects on the impact of a high school teacher who influenced his passion for business and entrepreneurship.

* Taylor Stitch Update Post-Pandemic
Update on Taylor Stitch post-pandemic, focusing on product development, customer needs, and business strategies.

* Introduction to Digital Stronghold
Introduction to Digital Stronghold, a holding company for men’s interest brands, and its vision to acquire profitable brands.

* Consumer-Centric Approach of Digital Stronghold
Discuss how Digital Stronghold aims to enhance the consumer experience by supporting founders and improving operational efficiency.

* Evaluating Apparel Brands for Investment
Learn about the key criteria Digital Stronghold uses to evaluate apparel brands for investment, including financial benchmarks and customer retention rates.

* Embracing Niche Brands
Discover the value Digital Stronghold places on niche brands that focus on building a dedicated customer base, like the success story of Boston Scally in their portfolio.

* Supporting Acquired Brands
Explore the comprehensive support Digital Stronghold provides to acquired brands post-deal, covering areas such as finance, digital optimization, marketing, and logistics.

* Inclusivity in Brand Acquisition
Understand Digital Stronghold’s openness to brands with diverse product lines, including gender-neutral options, and how they assess brands for investment opportunities.

* Navigating Challenges in Brand Acquisition
Delve into the challenges Digital Stronghold faces in finding and acquiring brands, including the impact of market dynamics and the importance of knowing your customer for successful paid media strategies.

Call-to-Action: Mike encourages interested brand founders in the men’s interest space to connect for potential investment opportunities.

For more on Digital Stronghold, visit:

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