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The Story of a Brand

Mar 28, 2022

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Evvy is trying to rebuild the relationship between their members and the health care system, says Priyanka Jain, co-founder of CEO of Evvy. To that end, the brand uses "health coaches" who are trained to help patients better understand the results of their vaginal health tests.


"A lot of what we do is help people advocate for themselves," Priyanka says. "I think, unfortunately, a lot of our members have disengaged from the health care system. I think they feel burned...and we very much are trying to educate women with the information and the research that they can then bring to their provider to have a much more educated and productive conversation."


In order to create the much-needed community behind the brand, Evvy has invested heavily in building up content across different types of social media, she says.


Evvy's team includes a wide range of experts, doctors, and professionals in the company's ranks and on the board.


"We always say one of our values is leveraging each other's superpowers," Priyanka says. In addition, Priyanka and her co-founder work with 45 other founders in the women's health space.


In Part 2, Priyanka talks about:


* The disconnect between women and the health care system.
* How community and education are integral parts of the Evvy solution.
* The challenges of starting up Evvy because people didn't understand that they're not a "life stage company" and are instead focused on everyone who has a vagina at any stage of their lives. That being said, Evvy serves anyone over the age of 18.
* Why it's essential to bring health care expertise to the table.
* Her strong belief in collaboration, including academic and clinical collaboration.
* Where to start on the company's website and how to access information.


Join Ramon Vela and Priyanka Jain as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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