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The Story of a Brand

Apr 9, 2024

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In this episode of “The Story of a Brand,” Ramon Vela delves into the compelling story of Jing Gao, Founder, CEO, and visionary behind the modern Chinese food brand Fly by Jing

From the brand’s humble beginnings to its place on the shelves of major retailers, Gao’s journey is a narrative of personal and professional evolution, marked by leadership, innovation, and a deep commitment to authenticity.

Join us as we explore:

Personal Growth and Leadership
Jing shares insights on personal growth, self-acceptance, and the evolving role of a CEO in empowering and supporting the team, emphasizing the importance of inner fulfillment and team alignment.

Managing Team Dynamics
The discussion focuses on the challenges of managing a growing team. It explores the shift in dynamics and structures as a company expands and highlights the importance of adaptability and cultural alignment.

Employee Growth and Company Culture
The conversation delves into the significance of supporting employee self-actualization and holistic growth, emphasizing the role of a company in fostering individual development and creating a positive, inclusive culture.

Unveiling the Purpose Statement
Discover the purpose behind the brand’s creation and how it evolved over the years, focusing on evolving culture through taste and expanding consciousness.

Inspiration and Inception of the Company
Explore the founder’s journey from China to the US, identifying gaps in the natural food market and misconceptions surrounding Chinese cuisine, which led to the company's launch.

Validation and Growth
Learn how a successful Kickstarter campaign validated the demand for the brand’s products, leading to scaling up operations and a significant shift in the ethnic food landscape.

Measuring Success and Impact
Understand the metrics and markers of success for the brand, including reshaping the grocery store's ethnic aisle, inspiring other founders, and gaining recognition from retailers and investors.

Future Vision and Expansion
Explore the brand’s aspirations to become a household name and a ubiquitous condiment, aiming to evolve culture through taste further and broaden its reach beyond Asian cuisine.

Exploring Culinary Diversity and Flavor Sensations
Delve into the importance of diverse flavors and culinary experiences, highlighting the role of sauces in enhancing plant-based meals and exploring the uniqueness of different ethnic cuisines.

Product Introduction and Recommendations
Introducing the brand’s flagship products and offering recommendations for first-time customers, emphasizing flavor balance, versatility, and the sensory experience the products provide.

Join us as Jing Gao shares her inspirational journey with Fly by Jing, offering valuable lessons on leadership, innovation, and the power of staying true to one’s mission. 

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a food enthusiast, or someone interested in personal and professional development dynamics, this episode promises to be an enlightening exploration of what it takes to build a brand that transcends boundaries and challenges conventions.

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