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The Story of a Brand

Aug 17, 2023

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In today’s episode, we interview Jon Brandon, Co-Founder & CEO of FORIA. FORIA is a lifestyle brand on a mission to support lifelong pleasure and sexual wellbeing. Foria’s all-natural, organic and award-winning formulas support a woman’s most intimate needs.


In 2014, FORIA literally created the category for plant-based women’s sexual support, with a revolutionary cannabis based topical designed to enhance pleasure.


Since then, they’ve been setting the standards in the plant-based sexual wellness space and they've expanded our clean, innovative and highly effective botanical formulations to support healthy intimate experiences across every stage of her life.




* Why he’s grateful for his parents

* The Taboo around sexual wellness products

* Reducing the society’s stigma

* Why we’re the most stressed and anxious society in history

* How we’ve weaponized distraction

* Why you can market sexual wellness products for men but not for women

* Describing his why and motivation when things get tough

* How his divorce transformed him

* Foria’s key pivot and product evolution

* Why they are launching products around “Phase of life”

* How his customer has changed and grown

* A product review breakdown

* And much more…


Join Ramon Vela and Jon Brandon as we break down the inside story of FORIA on The Story of a Brand.


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