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The Story of a Brand

Feb 24, 2022

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Put yourself in your customer's shoes as you're building a brand. What problem are you solving for them? How are you making their lives easier or better? As a founder, you need to empathize with the consumer's journey, says Trinity Mouzon Wofford, Co-Founder and CEO of Golde.


When it comes to deciding on accepting outside investments, Trinity says Golde's decision to go it on their own for the first three years was a "special advantage."


"There's something very special about knowing that you have nothing to work with," she says. "And the only thing that there is, is you and your partner trying to figure out a creative way to get in front of people. And I think that is what allowed us to build such a strong foundation of a brand in the early days. You know, we had to do it from the heart because there just wasn't anything else to tap into then."


Thankfully, Golde had amassed enough of a following by the time of the COVID pandemic that the business wasn't impacted too much.


"People needed something to do," Trinity says. "They needed something to make themselves feel good, and they needed something to occupy the time. And so suddenly, the idea of making your matcha latte at home or doing a superfood face mask made a whole lot of sense to people."


In Part 2, Trinity talks about:


* Starting the business at a young age played to her advantage because she was optimistic and naive about everything.
* The decision to take on outside investments.
* The impact of the COVID pandemic on Golde.
* Leading with the story of who the co-founders are and what they're all about helps the brand connect with the customers.
* People want to be "in the orbit of Golde" because of its story and its community.
* How the wellness market industry as it was didn't appeal to her. It didn't speak to her.


Join Ramon Vela and Trinity Mouzon Wofford as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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