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The Story of a Brand

Jan 29, 2019

While building his first business, Walter Faulstroh, CEO of HUM Nutrition, met a nutritionist who changed his life and set the stage for us next business. Instead of the often prescribed drugs to combat acne, this nutritionist showed him that he could help eliminate his acne by focusing on the foods he ate and the nutrition he consumed. This would later inspire the tag line for his current business.
Fast forward to the present day and Walter has created the first vitamin brand to focus on "beauty from within". However, he quickly noticed that much of the experience of buying and using vitamins was negative. So he created a company that takes the experience and the products into the 21st century.  Walter and his team, set out to reinvent the vitamin industry and made sure that every touch point with the customer was re-imagined, from the availability of the HUM nutritionist to the labels to the focus on Non-GMO, sustainability, and ingredients.
Listen to this episode and hear  Walter Faulstroh, CEO of HUM Nutrition share the inside story of building a vitamin brand as well insights he learned building his first business. 
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