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The Story of a Brand

Apr 2, 2024

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Join Ramon Vela for this special episode featuring Walter Faulstroh, CEO and Co-Founder of HUM Nutrition

HUM’s mission is to help everyone look and feel their absolute best. Combining the exact, pure, and potent nutrients for visible, life-changing results, each unique formula starts with beauty from within. Each formula is made with clinically proven non-GMO, gluten-free, and sustainably sourced ingredients for great results.

Key Points Discussed:

* We discuss the powerful message from Walter Faulstroh, CEO of HUM Nutrition, about the intersection of gratitude, personal health challenges, and innovative wellness solutions.

* Hum Nutrition's core focus is enhancing overall well-being by addressing key areas such as skin, digestive, mental health, and well-being for women’s health.

* The company offers personalized services like online consultations and quizzes tailored to individual health needs.

* Faulstroh sheds light on the often-overlooked psychological effects of acne, exacerbated during the pandemic.

* Emphasis on using clean ingredients in products and sustainable practices in packaging to promote consumer and environmental health.

* Discuss how HUM Nutrition navigated supply chain disruptions and factory shutdowns by being agile and collaborative.

* The platform’s tailored approach to product selection helps those with specific health conditions or those managing medication interactions.

* A commitment to affordable pricing, proper ingredient use for glucose management, and ensuring product quality through extensive testing and verification.

* Walter Faulstroh’s guarantee on the efficacy and safety of HUM Nutrition’s products.

* Faulstroh advocates for managing stress through kindness to oneself and the importance of maintaining overall health.

Call to Action:

Visit the HUM Nutrition website for additional resources, take a health quiz, and have the opportunity to consult a nutrition expert.

For more on HUM Nutrition, visit:

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