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The Story of a Brand

Nov 27, 2022

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Courtney says, “we're really intentional about everything we do. We don't just launch a product to launch a product. We do it with a lot of thought behind it. Lots of inspiration. We put a lot into our packaging and into our ingredients. I tried to do things from that mindset and intention before we launch things into the world. That’s what it means to me to be a modern and conscious brand.”


Today, we interview Courtney Somer, CEO & Founder of Lake & Skye. Lake & Skye is a modern and conscious beauty brand focused on long lasting, uplifting scents as wellness, made with transparent ingredients.


We discuss:


* What she’s grateful for
* Overview and origin of Lake & Skye
* Her health issues and journey as a seeker
* Why she considers the brand “intentional”
* Trends with scent, fragrance, and aroma
* How to choose the right scent
* Which form factor do people choose
* How they work with their fragrance house
* Most curious trend: People are making their own scent
* Advice for founders, including challenges
* Unforeseen challenges from getting into retailers, scheduling meetings, and legal issues
* Why she sees her biggest challenges as a course correction from the universe
* Why it’s the gift that people give themselves
* A review of products
* And more…


Join Ramon Vela and Courtney Somer as we break down the inside story of Lake & Skye on The Story of a Brand.


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