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The Story of a Brand

Oct 8, 2023

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Today, we interview Brian Pedone, CEO of Quiet Punch. Quiet Punch is the most affordable and all-inclusive home boxing solution available. Their platform tracks performance, connects users, and dramatically increases engagement.

Their mission is to “make boxing and combat sports accessible to all regardless of their living situation.”


* His gratitude story: a father who helped him with boxing.

* Starting a boxing club in College

* He started a gym for high schoolers and did coding to pay the bills.

* Moving to Manhattan and  making money doing corporate training (boxing)

* Boxing is the Gateway Drug to Training

* Changing the connotation of training

* How he came up with the Quiet Punch idea

* How he started mass marketing the product, Part 1 (The infomercial)

* Lesson: Don't give your idea to someone else; do it yourself.

* Getting the money for his first 1000 units.

* How he started getting orders with a trending video

* Capturing emails and building his FB followers

* Hard lessons: selling at a loss, letting the patent expire, and not caring about margins.

* Life lesson: do not wait until you’re retired to do what you want

* His Shark Tank Story and Lessons Learned.

* Almost doing a deal with Damon John

* Big Lesson: it's better to be balanced than to get too high or too low and then crash

* Overview of Quiet Punch: what it is, how it fits on the door, how people use it

* Conducting a study on how boxing helps people 65 and older with their cognitive health

* Why he isn't offering a subscription

* His deal with Everlast to getting into retail.

* Gamification: challenging others online

* Review of Quiet Punch exercise programs

* And more…   

Join Ramon Vela and Brian Pedone as we break down the inside story of Quiet Punch on The Story of a Brand.

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