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The Story of a Brand

Jan 31, 2019

Walter received a letter which relayed the story of a woman struggling with life. She had low energy, two kids, and a very demanding job. However, after finding HUM, she was able to turn things around. She started to gain more energy, which led to improved performance at work, which eventually attracted a promotion. However, the most important part of the letter was yet to come. She thanked  Walter on behalf of her kids. You see, her kids had their mother back.

It was the promise of these moments and others like them that led Walter and his team to help customers achieve what they really wanted, and it wasn't the act of purchasing vitamins necessarily, it was the "act of becoming the best version of themselves".

Listen to this episode and hear Walter Faulstroh, CEO of HUM Nutrition share the inside story of the building a brand.

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