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The Story of a Brand

Aug 22, 2019

In this special "Brand Communication" episode we interview communication expert and Founder & President of The Silver Telegram, Ronjini JoshuaRamon Vela and Ronjini some of the most pressing communication/public relations challenges facing brands, startups, and tech companies. 

Together they discuss: How should brands communicate to their audiences, Creating your overall brand voice, Can you control the customers perception of the brand, Is there a wrong time to us Public Relations, PR mistakes that brands make, Why you need a Crisis plan, Consider your community's feedback and sensibilities, why building community is the Holy Grail for brands, Mistakes that brands make when crowdfunding, Why you should build community before you crowdfund,  and much much more. 

Join us as we interview Ronjini Joshua in Part 1 of this episode and hear her share the inside story of a brand. 

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