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The Story of a Brand

Apr 18, 2024

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In this inspiring episode, Ramon Vela dives into the fascinating world of entrepreneurship with a unique twist – mushrooms. 

His guests, Co-Founders Stephanie Moyal and Jake Mellman, are the innovative minds behind Troop, a company reshaping how we view and consume mushrooms. 

Their story is not just about mushrooms; it’s a tale of resilience, innovation, and the power of a robust support system.

Main Themes:

* The Birth of Troop During Challenging Times: Discover how Stephanie and Jake embarked on their entrepreneurial journey amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, transforming their mushroom passion into a thriving business.

* Gratitude and Support: The founders emphasize the crucial roles of gratitude, family support, and self-belief in navigating the ups and downs of starting a new venture. They share anecdotes highlighting how these elements were instrumental in their success.

* Demystifying Mushrooms: Stephanie and Jake discuss their mission to make mushrooms more appealing and accessible through innovative products like gummies. They delve into the challenges and rewards of educating the public about mushrooms' health benefits and potential, aiming to destigmatize this versatile ingredient.

* Sustainability and Quality: Learn about Troop’s commitment to sustainability, from choosing eco-friendly packaging to sourcing premium mushrooms. The founders detail the meticulous research and development process that goes into creating their unique mushroom gummies, including custom molds that embody the essence of their brand.

* Education and Networking: The importance of continuous learning, networking, and strategic planning for budding entrepreneurs. Stephanie and Jake share valuable insights into how they navigated the complexities of product development and market introduction with no prior experience in the mushroom industry.

* Health Benefits and Applications: The conversation also covers mushrooms' potential health benefits, from digestive support to mental health and immune system enhancement. The founders discuss their approach to product development, focusing on vegan-friendly, potent extracts made through a triple extraction method.

* Looking Forward: As Troop grows, Stephanie and Jake reflect on their journey and plans. They highlight the importance of quality, consumer education, and expanding their product line to include offerings with immune-boosting and stress-reducing properties.

Closing Thoughts:

Stephanie and Jake’s journey with Troop is a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and the impact of reimagining traditional ingredients for modern consumers. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, health, and wellness or looking for inspiration.

Remember to check out Troop’s mushroom gummies and other products by visiting and learning more about how they’re changing the health and wellness industry game.

For more on Troop, visit:

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