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The Story of a Brand

Apr 3, 2024

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In this episode, Ramon Vela dives into the burgeoning e-commerce strategy of “try before you buy” with Benjamin Davis, Founder, and CEO of TryNow. TryNow reshapes online shopping and drives brand loyalty and sales. 

We unpack the significance of this approach, its impact on consumer confidence, and how it’s becoming an antidote to the challenges posed by inflation and changing consumer behaviors. 

Join us as we explore:

* We start with Benjamin Davis, the founder and CEO of Try Now, sharing his gratitude towards an investor, Ryan, who saw potential in the idea and its execution. It tells how visionary support can bring transformative business models to life.

* Delving into the evolving consumer expectation to “try before you buy,” a shift from traditional online shopping habits. We discuss how this trend fosters a new level of trust and confidence among online shoppers, particularly in an era of price sensitivity and the pursuit of value.

* Discover how offering trials before purchase can significantly uplift brand conversion rates. By targeting hesitant shoppers and increasing consumer confidence, brands can drive incremental sales without immediately resorting to discounts.

* From a wine company that lets customers sample at home to a boot company thriving on a direct-to-consumer model, we highlight varied examples of how this strategy is successfully implemented across different sectors.

* Learn how the “try before you buy” approach is helping businesses cope with inflationary pressures by focusing on customer-centricity, maintaining product quality, and efficiently managing return rates.

* For companies, especially those on Shopify, integrating this model into their returns flow can lead to operational efficiency. We discuss the importance of this integration and how it benefits retailers and consumers.

* We explore how this trend is particularly impactful in the apparel industry, where fit and personal preference play significant roles in purchase decisions.

TryNow facilitates trial experiences, proving that adopting such strategies can improve the retail experience and profitability.

Tune in to this conversation to understand how this innovative approach revolutionizes our online shopping experiences.

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