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The Story of a Brand

Jan 13, 2024

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Today, host Rose Hamilton, Founder and Principal Advisor of Compass Rose Ventures interviews Alvie Faulkenbery IV, Founder and El Presidente of Alvies.


They are on a mission to make boots and flip-flops your footwear of choice. They believe with a good pair of each, you can go almost anywhere and do almost anything.

In this episode, we dive deeply into lessons learned from building the brand from start-up to scale… in the competitive footwear category.

We’ll discover how the customer experience has been vital to growing Alvies as a mission-based brand – both online and experiential.


* Driven by customer experience, Alvies places a great emphasis on capturing customer information and carefully managing channels of distribution, which was learned very early in the business

* Alvie shares how he’s kept just the right balance of people, processes, and systems to allow the mission and quality to scale as the company grows

* The secret of marketing success lies in building partnerships with artists and collaborations that introduce the Alvies name to new customers. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships and word of mouth to grow the business.

* Alvie reveals the latest expansion for the brand through Boot Parties, taking the airstream concept on the road to bring boots to people for special events like bachelor parties, birthday parties, and more

* Highlighting the importance of leveraging other categories like hospitality to find innovative ways to build the customer experience

* How Alvie manages the balance between work and life as a busy entrepreneur who is leading a business through growth

* Learn some key takeaways from 2023 that Alvie is excited to take into 2024 and more!

Join Rose Hamilton and Alvie Faulkenbery IV as we break down the inside story of Alvies on The Story of a Brand.

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