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The Story of a Brand

Jan 20, 2023

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Allison and Jay say, “There's up to 236 genes that cause hair loss, but there's only one gene identified that causes gray hair. It is not all genetics. It's about 30% genetics. So there are a lot of other factors that affect gray hair. Our focus is on the vitamins and mineral deficiencies in the body with our supplement. Educating people on this process that literally affects every single person is also a big focus of the brand. It's a vast market and we want to offer a cleaner, better for you alternative than what currently exists."


Today, we interview Allison Conrad, Co-Founder & CEO and Jay Small Co-Founder & Product Officers at Arey. A proactive and science-driven system for slowing and even re-pigmenting gray hair.


We discuss:


* What they are grateful for
* Overview and origin of Arey
* How and why people get gray hair
* Why coloring your hair is not an option for many people
* Why coloring your hair may cause more gray hair
* Genetics, chemical exposure, free radicals, acute stress and more
* What can you do now if you’re going gray?
* How Arey helps even if you are over 30% gray
* Review and breakdown of Arey products, including how to apply
* How the scalp ages and its link to lymphatic systems
* And more…


Join Ramon Vela, Allison Conrad and Jay Small as we break down the inside story of Arey on The Story of a Brand.


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This episode is brought to you by Sendlane.


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