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The Story of a Brand

May 31, 2022

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Aditya Mahapatra and Sambhav Chadha have combined their lifelong obsession with fitness with their love for influencer marketing to build an influencer marketing agency that works exclusively with health and wellness brands.


"We met playing cricket when we were only 13 years old," Sambhav says. "We wanted to play higher levels, so we focused on health and wellness. And from that experience, we grew to be passionate about recovery and nutrition and diet, which puts us in a great place to work with similar brands."


The two friends co-founded Augmentum Influencer Solutions last year. They credit their young age with giving them a competitive advantage among marketing agencies.


"We're growing up right now with the next generation of buyers - the next generation where a lot of products are being catered to at the moment," Aditya says. "That and also starting this business at such a young age shows our passion. And I think that comes across to brands whenever we're talking to them."


They say a significant aspect of their youthful advance is understanding social media's evolution.


"What we're seeing nowadays is a shift away from more traditional forms of social media," Sambhav says. "The younger generation is growing up with TikTok and Instagram. There's been a big shift away from traditional platforms like Facebook."


The pair's focus on health and wellness comes at an opportune time as the global focus has centered on these topics.


"We're seeing now a massive shift towards living healthier lives, whether it's turning towards vegetarianism or veganism," Sambhav says. "(But) there are no influencer marketing agencies that dedicate their work only to health and wellness brands. The issue this creates for brands is they want someone who understands their vision, and they want someone passionate about what they're trying to achieve. And who better than two health-obsessed individuals to do this for them?"


In Part 1, Aditya and Sambhav talk about:


* Gratitude to friends and family for their support.
* The beginning of their friendship playing cricket.
* How they're using their youth as an advantage.
* Their take on social media shifts.
* Why their health and wellness niche is well-timed.


Join Ramon Vela, Aditya Mahapatra, and Sambhav Chadha as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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