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The Story of a Brand

Jan 27, 2022

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“The more relationships we make, the more value we can add,” that's the mission statement of BILLY Footwear. In part 2, Billy Price, Co-Founder of BILLY Footwear, mentions that they want to continue meeting the needs of consumers. For instance, they’d like to focus on building good relations on the B2B side, too, with retail partners.


Billy reconnected with Darin in 2011. Before starting the brand in 2012, they raised capital and planned to use the money to grow the business. However, early on, they met with a manufacturing disaster. And while it was terrible, they learned and continued.


Billy advises that you should not get discouraged or think of quitting in such a circumstance. Instead, be passionate about your business and keep building your network.


Here he talked about:


* Unique functionality
* Their time in business
* Where to find BILLY Footwear
* First silhouette in the sports category
* Extra-wide shoes
* His advice for others
* Thoughts on overcoming challenges


Join Ramon Vela and Billy Price as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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