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The Story of a Brand

Mar 14, 2024

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In this episode, we interview Andy Hunter, Founder and CEO of Bookshop is an online bookstore that aims to financially support local, independent bookstores.

Bookshop is also a BCorp - a corporation dedicated to the public good. By design, they give away over 80% of their profit margin to stores and affiliates of stores: publications, authors, and others who make up the thriving, inspirational culture around books!

Below are the key takeaways from our conversation:

* Andy’s passion for helping local bookstores thrive in the digital age through

* He discussed how he struggled to secure investment and the need for champions like Morgan Entrekin who believe in an entrepreneur’s vision and abilities.

* The importance of merging different disciplines and skills to create unique and impactful work in the business world.

* A discussion on how artificial intelligence might reshape the job market and the ever-growing importance of critical thinking skills.

* The struggle for small businesses to survive in the shadow of giants like Amazon and the detrimental effects of anti-competitive practices.

* Overcoming the challenges of limited budgets and the ever-changing social media landscape to reach customers effectively.

* How’s model of connecting customers to local bookstores and handling logistics has led to profitability that supports the community.

* The platform’s expansion through organic growth, media attention, and the power of storytelling.

* The call for conscious consumerism that prioritizes community and local businesses.

* Supporting local businesses as an act of community-building and resistance against market monopolies is important.

* Encouragement for listeners to choose platforms that align with their values, like

Call to Action:

* Visit to support your local bookstore.

* Share the episode with friends and family to spread awareness about the importance of local bookstores.

* Join the conversation on social media using #SupportLocalBookstores.

Join Ramon Vela and Andy Hunter as we break down the inside story of Tonal on The Story of a Brand.

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