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The Story of a Brand

May 30, 2023

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Thomas says, “The biggest thing we offer in all is the mentoring platform. We have a platform called The Orbit, because we're launching into space all together. And the orbit is mentoring and coaching from investors and industry experts. And we have industry experts in there who cover every aspect of CPG.”


Today, we interview Thomas Malengo, Co-Founder of Brandjectory. Brandjectory guides early-stage CPG brands to be investor-ready faster and smarter, with a robust network, structured process, and expert resources.


We discussed: 


* What he’s grateful for
* How he got started in the consumer brand world
* How investors and consumers look at brands
* What are investors focused on?
* Advice for the Founders of consumer brands
* How to make sure you know who your customers are?
* The two parts of Brandjectory and how they help brands
* What brands are ideal for joining Brandjectory
* How to validate or qualify your product idea in the marketplace
* And so much more… 


Join Ramon Vela and Thomas Malengo as we break down the inside story of Brandjectory on The Story of a Brand.


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This episode is brought to you by Sendlane.


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