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The Story of a Brand

Apr 5, 2019

In Part 2 of this two-part episode, we continue the story of  Hamish Khayat, CEO & Co-Founder and Brittany Stewart, COO & Co-founder of Burst Oral Care as they share with us their obsession with Oral Care, their community, creating the greatest product for the ages, and living your Burst life! 
You'll hear Hamish and Brittany give us the inside story of building a brand. Including marketing to consumers, creating a compelling experience offline for customers, how they're using capital, their growth, what makes a great entrepreneur and why being one is not selfish, the ups and downs of being a co-founder, taking care of yourself physically and emotionally, why Dental professionals will always be the backbone of the company, and their obsession with "Being the One-Stop-Shop for Oral Care". 
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