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The Story of a Brand

Mar 29, 2024

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In this episode, Ramon Vela delves into the fascinating world of entrepreneurship and business revitalization with Cara Barde, the CEO and Owner of Crow Canyon Home

Join us as we unpack Cara’s inspiring journey and explore the strategies that transformed a struggling company into a thriving enterprise.

Crow Canyon Home offers the largest selection of enamelware items, colors, and patterns in the U.S. – timeless good looks and enduring quality, which are true classics for collectors and homemakers alike.

Key Points Discussed:

* Cara Barde’s background and the pivotal role her father played in shaping her business acumen.

* How Cara transitioned from the dotcom industry to purchasing an existing business, recognizing the potential in acquiring a company from retiring owners.

* The critical importance of seller financing and conducting a comprehensive due diligence process before making an acquisition.

* Cara’s love for the creative aspects of the housewares industry and her vision for merging two businesses into one.

* Strategies Cara employed to modernize the business image, upgrade technology, and improve operations.

* Insights into Cara’s approach to due diligence and negotiation, with a focus on financial analysis, customer diversity, and the value of strong partner relationships.

* How Cara tapped into the revitalization of enamelware, securing significant orders from major retailers and collaborating with iconic brands.

* A glimpse into Crow Canyon Home’s success as a remote company, including an executive living van life in Mexico.

* The strong brand and product range of Crow Canyon Home, and a sneak peek at upcoming product launches and sales strategies.

* How she shifted marketing tactics from traditional wholesale and trade shows to modern approaches like social media and influencer partnerships.

* Leveraging user-generated content to appeal to different demographics, from Gen X to millennials.

* Cara Barde reiterates the enduring charm of enamelware, its sustainable aspects, and the balance of staying on-trend while offering timeless styles.

* Crow Canyon Home’s products, such as its non-breakable dinnerware and tumblers, are practical and durable, encouraging repeat purchases.

* How enamelware stands the test of time against other materials like glass and porcelain, maintaining its relevance in today’s market.

And more… 

Don’t miss this episode, filled with invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike. 

Cara Barde’s journey is not just about the resurgence of a product line but also a testament to the power of strategic thinking, creative marketing, and the relentless pursuit of growth and innovation.

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