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The Story of a Brand

Jan 16, 2024

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Today, Ramon Vela interviews Nigel Thomas, Founder of David to Goliath. A newsletter that documents his comeback from near suicide to building a 100,000 community in public and interviewing the best underdogs of this generation.


* Gratitude Story: 100,000 in revenue

* Some people never accomplish their life's mission or goal

* Nigel's mission & purpose

* Life is About Constant Practice

* Nigel: Struggling with a Purpose is how we find happiness - Part 1

* Nigel: Struggling with a Purpose is how we find happiness - Part 2

* Learning from others Who Have Experience

* Why community is the solution to the problem

* Overcoming your fears starts with gratitude

* Running at 6 am to fight depression

* Dark Knight Rises, making the jump away from fear, and why David to Goliath Newsletter exist

* And so much more

Join Ramon Vela and Nigel Thomas as we break down the inside story of David to Goliath on The Story of a Brand.

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