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The Story of a Brand

Sep 19, 2022

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Clay Alexander says, “I feel like all majorly successful entrepreneurs would not be where they are without help along the way. It's just not possible. You need advice and guidance. When I was building Ember, and Ember is now one of the fastest growing companies in the world, it was just an idea in my head. I was running up against brick wall after brick wall of like, wait a minute, how do I get past this hurdle?”


Today’s episode is a roller coaster ride-like discussion of how Clay Alexander, Founder & CEO of Ember Technologies, grew Ember from zero to over $100 million in revenues in less than five years. The interview encompasses hard-won entrepreneurial lessons and a guided tour of why the Ember products are so beloved.


We discussed:


19:08 - Clay’s gratefulness for his mentor, Norman Kahn
23:22 - Successful entrepreneurs' network to find the help they need
26:26 - Founders must realize their strengths and weaknesses
27:57 - How to use networking to attract influencers and celebrities to your mission
32:14 - Clay’s trade secret: always involve family
34:21 - The amazing results of direct mail
36:08 - Inspired by Beats by Dre
38:42 - Getting the designer of Beats by Dre to work with Ember
40:45 - Product invention - It all started with scrambled eggs
45:03 - Bootstrapping a software & hardware product takes millions
46:05 - How he raised Ember’s first Series A funds
47:26 - Formula for making a new product cool
49:52 - How to identify a market and product opportunity
53:26 - How Clay and team got into Starbucks
58:43 - The single biggest needle mover for Ember and any brand
1:01:12 - How to hire and interview at a fast-growing consumer brand
1:03:05 - Your job as a founder during the hiring process
1:06:09 - Learn to pull back as a founder and trust the people you hire
1:08:34 - Using the Ember Temperature Control technology in healthcare to save lives
1:14:49 - The words first warming baby bottle
1:20:02 - The big Ember value proposition
1:21:47 - Ember: So simple your grandmother could work it


Join Ramon Vela and Clay Alexander as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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