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The Story of a Brand

Feb 7, 2019

As a survivor of rape, Paige sought help and was finally able to "find and embrace" her voice which led her to what we know today as Paige. As she mentions on the show, the brand is an amalgamation of her experiences; it was really about a woman who finally empowered herself. Because of this, the brand is meant to be about being "fit" because she knew all too well based on her struggles with anorexia, that she wanted people to feel good about themselves. 

On this episode, Paige provides advice for survivors of sexual assault and the moments that lead to her healing. She also provides in-depth advice and discussion on the early days of Paige, her design philosophy, advice for young fashion brands, pitching to investors, naming your brand, dealing with stress, keeping a journal, brick and mortar stores vs the web, international sales, her new shoe collection and where Paige will be in the future. 

Listen to this inspiring episode and hear the very personal inside story of Paige Adams-Geller and the building of a brand.

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