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The Story of a Brand

May 27, 2023

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Parker says, “we're really focused on cognitive health. Some of these mushrooms can have really incredible, really impressive medicinal value for basically maintaining really clean and positive cognitive health, but also helping improve cognitive health. So whether it is memory or mental energy like processing capability. On a fundamental level, they're really helping your central nervous system, primarily in your brain, to prune and also grow your neurons. So it's almost acting as like neural food.”


Today, we interview Parker Olsen, Founder of Forij. Forij is loaded with brain nutrients, their functional granola delivers serious brain power. And their taste is award-winning; all without any of the high sugar or fake ingredients.


We discussed: 


* What he’s grateful for
* Revisiting Parker’s personal why and what drives him
* Experiencing “ego death” and learning that the “obstacle is truly the way”
* Challenges of the brand including margin erosion, less capital expenditures, debt capital, economies of scale, and making a pivot
* A breakdown of the new product - functional granola bars and their ingredients & flavors
* His blog and the hundreds of articles on mushroom, brain health, and all the other benefits
* And so much more… 


Join Ramon Vela and Parker Olsen as we break down the inside story of Forij on The Story of a Brand.


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This episode is brought to you by Sendlane.


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