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The Story of a Brand

Nov 27, 2023

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In this episode, we interview Reid Ryan, Founder and CEO, and Mark Mclean, COO of Hardworking Gentlemen.  

Hardworking Gentlemen (HWG)  is built on authenticity. They make natural and sustainable essentials that men can feel good about using daily. 

All Hardworking Gentlemen's products are packaged in 100% recycled, biodegradable materials. Unlike much of the grooming industry, HWG strives to never use raw plastics.


- Gratitude story, including becoming fathers and caring for their children

- Their motivation to become successful entrepreneurs is to help others

- The challenges and motivations behind creating a brand for men's grooming products

- Their emphasis on non-toxic solutions and eco-friendly packaging

- Why research and improvement in ingredients and packaging is so important to them

- Discussing the challenges faced by brands marketing natural products, such as misleading marketing and lack of FDA regulation

- How the company pivoted to online sales during the pandemic

- Why their videos with themselves have been critical to their success online

- How Inventory management is a recurring challenge

- The investment from friends and family and reinvestment of profits back into the business

- Why authenticity and storytelling are essential in the brand's messaging

- Discussing financial controls and coping with work-related stress

- Review of their grooming products for men, emphasizing simplicity and empowerment

- The Importance of education in men's skincare and products

- And so much more… 

Join Ramon Vela, Reid Ryan, and Mark Mclean as we break down the inside story of Hardworking Gentlemen on The Story of a Brand.

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