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The Story of a Brand

Nov 23, 2021

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“A domestic brand producing domestic products,” that's a goal for Heirloom Amalgam. In part 1, we have Scott and Amy Burr, Co-Founders of Heirloom Amalgam, a fashion brand.

Scott has been a vintage collector for about 10 years. He initially started his career in the hospitality industry. In 2014, he switched to the footwear industry. Scott and Amy saw an opportunity in New York, so they moved from Mississippi. For them traveling has always opened a new world, whether in fashion or style or both.

During the pandemic, Scott started focusing on building Heirloom Amalgam along with Amy. Heirloom means something with 'value,’ whereas Amalgam means a 'blend.’ Hence, the brand wants to make valuable things that blend different periods.

They talked about:

* Gratefulness
* Overview of the brand
* Meaning of Heirloom Amalgam
* What pushed them
* What clothing means to them

Join Ramon Vela, Scott, and Amy Burr as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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