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The Story of a Brand

Feb 22, 2023

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Nick says, “And ieró comes from my roots and goes all the way back to ancient Greek. And ieró means sacred or eros. So sacred and ancient Greek. And for me and for all of us at the brand  ieró, sacred means YOU.  It's our homage to you and that authentic, beautiful light that you radiate out into the world every moment of the day. And to be cognizant of that. We're honoring you and we're empowering you, as we want to honor ourselves and empower ourselves with the same thing. It's that divine spark. It's that beautiful radiance that comes out and ricochets out into the universe.”


Today, we interview Nick Gavrelis, Founder & CEO of Iero Beauty. ieró Beauty is a dazzling, clean, high-vibrational beauty and lifestyle brand. 


They believe in amplifying positivity, encouraging authentic self-expression and nurturing the unique well-being of each person. Their holistic, multi-sensorial products and experiences nourish your whole self not just your skin.


We discuss: 


* What he is grateful for?
* Overview and origin of the brand
* Why choosing the name of the brand was an important part of the brand journey
* Nick’s philosophy around beauty and our sacred selves
* His motivations in business and life
* The lessons learned from working at Pretty Pretty
* How caring for his mother who suffered from dementia impacted his brand & life
* Ingredient and product philosophy including crystal extracts
* Going to Italy and how he started with “hybrid” skincare ~ blending skin care and makeup
* Product review including self care and self beauty and giving you greater radiance
* And so much more…


Join Ramon Vela and Nick Gavrelis as we break down the inside story of ieró  Beauty on The Story of a Brand.


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This episode is brought to you by Sendlane.


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