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The Story of a Brand

Mar 30, 2023

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Aaron says, “My wife always reminds me that things always work out. I know that viscerally, I've lived that. I think as entrepreneurs, we get so deep in the weeds and the stress of the business and how many people are counting on us from our employees or investors, our customers that we forget that. It might have been Tony Robbins, that said everything always works out and if it hasn't worked out yet, it hasn't reached its full resolution. Life is not happening to us. We're not victims of external circumstance. Life is happening for us.”


Today, we interview Aaron Hinde, President and Co-founder at LIFEAID Beverage. LIFEAID’s focus is on great tasting, wellness enhancing, and functionally driven supplement products. LIFEAID Beverage Co. has become a trusted brand among athletes, health-conscious and performance-minded consumers.


We discussed:


* What he’s grateful for
* His financial collapse in 2008’s Real Estate recession
* Reframing your thoughts
* The role of attitude and effort in our success
* Why life is simple: make better decisions
* What is negative soft talk, negative loops, and how to flip it to the affirmative
* Breaking down the concept of the A.T.M. (Alignment. Trajectory, and Momentum) of life
* How to build and keep momentum: “keep doing the little things”
* Breakdown of beverage products including FITAID Energy + Sports Recovery


Join Ramon Vela and Aaron Hinde as we break down the inside story of LIFEAID Beverage on The Story of a Brand.


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This episode is brought to you by Sendlane.


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