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The Story of a Brand

Mar 29, 2023

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Forest says, “...most of the agencies are just pretty bad. I hate to say that, but they are. You know, folks are spending way too much or they're getting someone way too junior or it's an agency that pretends to be good at everything, but they're really great at just one or two things. And so we're helping [our clients] kind of cut through all the clutter and make sure that they have the right stack.”


Today, we interview Forest Bronzan and Scott Briggs, Partners at MachForty. MachForty helps ambitious companies solve complex problems and be best-in-class. Their active team has been operators, founders, and growers who have built and exited some of the most innovative brands in their class. 


They approach problems with real-world experience rather than theoretical ideas and bring this operational excellence to serve Fast-Growth to Enterprise Brands.


We discussed:


* What they are both grateful for
* Scott’s and Forest story: from how they built their business to their exits
* Why you should focus on the company, not on the exit (sounds counterintuitive but it works)
* The false myth of retiring after an exit
* Why most agencies are bad
* Why they want to roll up their sleeves again and help Fast Growth to Enterprise Brands
* What’s working and not working for brands
* Why they see opportunity with text & SMS and email but with data
* Who they work with and how and how they can add value
* Last words: why you need to take care of your partner (spouse, loved one, etc)


Join Ramon Vela, Forest Bronzan and Scott Briggs as we break down the inside story of MachForty on The Story of a Brand.


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This episode is brought to you by Sendlane.


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