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The Story of a Brand

Feb 26, 2022

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Co-founders George Wojciechowski and Jen Root want to make merchants' lives easier. To that end, they started Manifest Commerce, which provides e-commerce merchants direct to consumer and omnichannel fulfillment for their e-commerce products.


"We ship everything from apparel to cosmetics to nutraceuticals to toys and video games, and we do it in a sustainable, carbon-neutral way," George says.


The goal is to look at everything from a sustainable angle with no additional cost to the merchant's bottom line, says Jen.


"It is inevitable that e-commerce moves in this direction," George says. "The current state of e-commerce is unsustainable."


In Part 1, Jen and George talk about:


* Gratefulness for having a partner for support when starting their venture.
* How they took their knowledge of the fulfillment business and reimagined every step from a sustainable-first perspective.
* The challenge isn't finding sustainable products - the challenge is finding sustainable fulfillment.
* The importance of the 18-35 category of consumers who tend to be more socially and environmentally responsible.
* How the COVID pandemic exploded the e-commerce business in terms of sales and strains in the supply chain.
* The attraction of founding Manifest Commerce was to do something significant with our careers, George says.
* The creation of "impact pages" lets companies share their good deeds by sharing the news with their communities.


Join Ramon Vela, Jen Root and George Wojciechowski as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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