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The Story of a Brand

Dec 23, 2020

In this first part of this Feature, we interview Georgia Dant, Founder & CEO of Marfa Stance. With Marfa Stance, Georgia has used her passion for utilitarian clothing and design to create a label that focuses on outerwear and adaptable clothes for a flexible lifestyle.


At the time, she was constantly traveling and passing through different climates, and her frustration grew from not finding clothes that could do multiple things. In essence, she wanted to design and make simple and modern clothing but clothing that had a hidden functionality. 

What she came up with is both beautiful, functional, and unique.
In Part 1, Georgia discusses Who Marfa Stance is, What was the catalyst for the brand, The designer's mentality, How she (as a designer) deals with the business side of things, Advice for Designers on starting a brand, and Why you should be prepared for sacrifice and hard work if you're going to be a Founder, and much more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Georgia for The Story of a Brand, and listen to her share the inside story.

For more on Marfa Stance, visit:


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