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The Story of a Brand

Dec 5, 2023

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In this episode, we interview Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger and Mike Einziger, Co-Founders of Mother Science

Mother Science is a biotech beauty brand creating next-generation skincare solutions. They believe in pushing the boundaries of skincare with cutting-edge science, beginning with their never-before-used ingredient, Malassezin. Born out of curiosity and a passion for science, they aim to build a community inspired by learning and innovation.


* The co-founders share a personal story about their father’s stroke and how an experimental treatment saved his life

* Highlighted the importance of gratitude and mentorship in their tech ventures

* How they transitioned from being musicians to biotech entrepreneurs

* Finding satisfaction in addressing real-world needs through their business

* Comparing the “flow” in learning and business development to being on stage as musicians

* Why courage is needed to innovate and overcome fears, especially when taking action

* Overview: Developing a molecular “hero serum” with a molecule called Malassezin

* How they discovered a treatment for hyperpigmentation

* Why no one had discovered the Malassezin before

* Addressing the true challenge of innovation in the beauty space

* The benefits of Malassezin as a potent antioxidant and its efficacy in clinical trials.

* How the facial serum is designed for dark spots but is versatile for use on any body part

* How Dr. Pearl Grimes, a skin pigmentation expert, tested the serum on herself and Mike and conducted biopsies to understand its safety and efficacy.

* A review of where to go and where to buy

* And so much more… 

Join Ramon Vela, Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger, and Mike Einziger as we break down the inside story of Mother Science on The Story of a Brand.

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