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The Story of a Brand

Apr 4, 2020

According to Alexandria Jarrell, Co-Founder of Nom Nom Now, they had to exist. They were making such a big difference in the lives of pets that their mission was to feed every dog and cat in the world. Huge dream but after their experience providing fresh food to their sick pet/family member, they knew they had to make this into a business. Plus, they also realized that people care what food they give to their pets. They simply had to educate people that fresh food was the key. 
In Part 1 of this episode, Alex discusses The Nom Nom Now origin story, Their definition of fresh food, Why the pet food industry hasn't changed, What is Parketing and how Alex used it to succeed, The education challenge, How they deliver fresh food, Why obesity is a problem for pets too, How they went from Idea to a full business, Why they do not outsource their food production, Why listening to customers is one key of success, Why Scaling was such a problem in the early days, and Why you shouldn't feed your pet anything you wouldn't eat, and so much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interview Alex in Part 1 of this episode and listen to her share the inside story of a brand.
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