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The Story of a Brand

Nov 22, 2021

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“It’s the right thing to do.” Realea believes that upcycling and being sustainable is the right thing to do since recycling is an intense process with a heavy carbon footprint.

In part 2, Crispin Clarke, Co-Founder and CEO of Realea Skincare, mentions that the brand brings three kingdoms - plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms together with their products.

According to Crispin, consciousness is an ingredient that affects products. They use specific ceramic labels, glass, and lids in their containers to make the products sustainable. The brand also has a return program for customers, which gives them $50 store credits for purchases and even membership. He further mentioned the company's official launch scheduled on cyber Monday, November 29.

He discusses:

* Handcrafted nature of products
* Alchemy and consciousness
* The Brand and sustainability
* Return program and upcycling
* Upcoming launch

Join Ramon Vela and Crispin Clarke as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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