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The Story of a Brand

Dec 24, 2019

In Part 2 of this feature, Richer Poorer Co-Founders Iva Pawling and Timothy Morse continue to share their journey of building a premium apparel brand with values. 
In part 2, Iva & Timothy share their journey including, Why you should let the product do the talking, Why their Dirty Hands Club is Key to building an emotion connection with their customers, Why the community, curation, and experience concept is so important, Why Brands are really an extension of human beings, Why Richer Poorer resonates with their customers through their values, How "Brands grown in the Lab" can't compete in the long run, Why Brand can't hide behind a corporate veil anymore, and What the future holds for Richer Poorer, and so much more. 
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Iva and Timothy in Part 2 of this episode and listen to them share the inside story of a brand.

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