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The Story of a Brand

Sep 26, 2022

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Sandro says, “A lot of what I'd seen in the grocery aisles were Asian-inspired beverages I loved from childhood, but they filled these beverages with a lot of sugar preservatives. And the labels hadn't been updated in 20 or 30 years. These were beverages I couldn't drink anymore, because I'd learned more about health and wellness and the impact of a high-sugar diet on your health, but they were still flavors that I wanted to like experience in my life.”


Today we talked with Sandro Roco, Founder and CEO of Sanzo. Sanzo is the first Asian-inspired sparkling water brand with real fruit flavors and no added sugar. Their vision is to create a bridge between traditional Asian flavors and modern taste.

We discussed so many topics, from the product to building a consumer packaged goods brand, and the lessons he learned from his previous startup, including:


* Reflections on their 3rd year anniversary
* Grateful for a job at an early startup and the experience and trust he received
* Learning from other entrepreneurs with more experience
* How he invests in and develops employees in a growing startup
* Why culture building is part of employee development
* A 360 overview of the brand
* Why Sanzo is a manifestation of his own self-actualization journey
* The uniqueness of the Sanzo beverage
* Why Sanzo is really about representation
* Why there hasn’t be a brand like Sanzo before
* The value of attractive packaging for the consumer and retailer
* The secret of Sanzo’s early success with retailers
* What’s something about Sanzo that consumers don’t know
* Why legacy is so important for Sandro
* The simple elegance of their ingredients: real fruit and sparkling water
* A walk through the Sanzo flavors
* Inspiration for aspiring food and beverage entrepreneurs


Join Ramon Vela and Sandro Roco as we break down the inside story of Sanzo, on The Story of a Brand.


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