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The Story of a Brand

Jun 23, 2020

What if you were an Apparel Brand and created your own "Kickstarter-like" app on your site, released a new product every Thursday, sold the pieces before you made them, and then manufactured only what you sold? For Mike Maher, Co-Founder & CEO at Taylor Stitch,  that's exactly what he and his Co-Founders did. But that's not all. Did you know that 85% of all apparel ends up in landfills? So Mike and his team have also set out to make sustainability one of their main directives by making clothes that last. Here's his story.
In Part 1, Mike discusses The Taylor Stitch origin story, What is negative conversion cycle, Building an internal crowdfunding platform, 3 things the crowdfunding strategy does, How their clothes may put them out of business, The 5 Pillars of Responsibility, How they are helping their manufacturer provide living wages, How Taylor Stitch is Mike's first and only job out of college, How they responded to COVID, Why he believes in the 1to1 relationship model with customers, What he asked his store employees to do, Their Stand Small initiative, Why they aren't a luxury brand and why, How & why they make their own fabric, Living your brand values, and so much more. 
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Mike in Part 1of this episode and gets the inside story of this amazing brand.
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