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The Story of a Brand

Nov 27, 2020

In the second part of this Feature, Kimberly Smith, Founder & CEO of The United States of Camo, talks about her early career on Wall Street. She says that this hardened her and prepared her to start her own company.

She tells us that it’s important to know your company’s numbers for everything before expanding or starting something new.

She discusses how she made sure veterans weren’t ignored during the BLM protests. Kim explains that her purpose in life is to help people who need it.

Kim also talks about how important it is to talk with the customer. She gets a lot of feedback from her customers, and it helps her steer the brand.

In part 2, we hear the inspiration behind some of her pieces, her driving factors, and how she uses her product to help people across the country.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Kimberly and listen to her share the inside story of a brand.

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