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The Story of a Brand

Jun 25, 2023

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Andrea says, “I always grew up with that sense of otherness and this sense that people looked down on Chinese cuisine and they thought of it as unhealthy or oily or this and that. And it was like, well, I eat this food at home. It's amazing. Like, it's so diverse. So I think that was something always that bothered me…”


Today, we interview Andrea Xu, Co-Founder & CEO of Umamicart. Umamicart is an online grocery store delivering hundreds of your favorite Asian products and ingredients. 


Their carefully curated selection includes both traditional staples and up-and-coming Asian-American owned brands. Umamicart delivers an online grocery shopping experience that highlights and celebrates the endlessly diverse, unique, and ever-evolving Asian American culture and cuisine.



* What she’s grateful for (her family, her sister, and growing up in Spain)
* Why investors initially did not like her idea
* How she felt a sense of otherness as a child
* Why she created Umamicart and what she hopes to change
* Learnings from being a new mom and entrepreneur
* Why Asian foods have a right to evolve as other foods do
* A review of Umamicart Collab products
* Criteria for brands who want to be on Umamicart
* What she is most proud of about the brand
* And so much more… 


Join Ramon Vela and Andrea Xu as we break down the inside story of Umamicart on The Story of a Brand.


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This episode is brought to you by Sendlane.


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