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The Story of a Brand

Feb 5, 2019

When John Tabis, CEO of The Bouqs Company, shared with his mentor that he wanted to start his own company, his mentor said he was crazy. John decided to bet on himself and started the company anyway and the rest is history.  When the vast amount of people see the end result of successful entrepreneurship, they think it looks easy. The truth is entrepreneurship is really hard. You have to get used to not paying yourself. You toil and struggle and live in near obscurity for many years until you hit success if that ever happens.

That's why it's important to have a larger mission or why. You have to ask yourself, what does my company represent? For John, flowers represent not just a product but all the special moments in life that elicit emotions such as a birth, promotion, anniversary, graduation, etc. In other words, "moments of pure emotion" and in the end, that's what The Bouqs represents and that's what drives John to build his brand.

Listen to this episode and hear John Tabis, CEO & Founder of The Bouqs Company shares his MBA-like entrepreneurial advice and his story of building a brand.

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