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The Story of a Brand

Sep 24, 2019

When Emmanuel Rey, Co-Founder & CEO of Yuni Beauty, started the brand, it was defined largely around people who cared about wellness. So he focused on three areas: saving time, restoring health, and relieving stress. He also focused on operating the business with certain principles & values such as using organic & vegan & cruelty-free ingredients, and factories that utilized alternative energy such as solar power. However, operating a business in this way, forced him to make a choice: principles vs. economics.
In part 1 of this episode, Emmanuel discusses: 1) Why it was important to make wellness attainable for all, 2) How they took a chance by investing in the formula vs. marketing, 3) Why it was important to create products for people like him and his wife; people who practice Yoga, wellness, meditation, mindfulness, health, and love the outdoors, 4) Why it was important to find influencers who were authentic, 5) Why it's important for people to be aligned with a brand's values and principles.  
Join us as Ramon Vela interviews Emmanuel Rey in Part 1 of this episode and hear him share the inside story of the building of a brand.

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