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The Story of a Brand

Sep 19, 2022

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“BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that helps the world's brand create extraordinary eCommerce sites so that they can put their best brand and user experience forward, serve their consumers and, and grow through eCommerce,” says Brent Bellm.


In today’s episode, we interview Brent Bellm, CEO and Sharon Gee, Vice President, Revenue Growth and GM Omnichannel Partnerships at BigCommerce. We discuss everything from their biggest differentiator to their headless commerce initiative to how they are helping brands sell more through 3rd party channels.


In our wide-ranging interview, we discuss a variety of topics, including:


20:49 - Brent’s gratitude toward a customer (New Chapter)
23:36 - Sharon’s gratitude for the career opportunities for woman at BigCommerce
26:03 - BigCommerce’s culture of diversity and opportunity
28:58 - How they help brands present the best version of themselves (with examples)
30:47 - The BigCommerce Differentiator: Open Commerce
33:41 - How BigCommerce supports brands of all sizes, including small brands
35:48 - BigCommerce on Headless Commerce
39:42 - BigCommerce on Multi-storefront Inventory
43:43 - Two problems BigCommerce Solves with Multi-Location Inventory
46:18 - The unique advantage of Omnichannel brands that work with BigCommerce
49:15 - The secret sauce of Omnichannel brands
50:59 - How BigCommerce facilitates more sales, revenue and data from 3rd Party Ad sites
53:13 - How BigCommerce partners with Amazon to help brands Part 1
54:55 - How BigCommerce partners with Amazon to help brands Part 2
56:55 - How to determine your personality type as an Omnichannel brand
59:58 - Examples of omnichannel brand personalities
1:02:31 - BigCommerce end-of-year plans and beyond
1:05:48 - Thoughts on recession, B2B, B2C, and e-commerce revenue data


Join Ramon Vela and Brent Bellm and Sharon Gee as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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