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The Story of a Brand

Dec 21, 2022

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Kit says, “the core demographic for us are people in their 30s who understand that in order to keep moving as they want to move and feel as great as they can, they have to do the right things. They have got to train in a way which is going to keep them safe, improve every aspect of their performance and obviously have a bit of fun along the way.”


Today, we interview Kit Hawkins, CEO and Founder of BLOCK Training. BLOCK Training is an athletic training system that helps you perform at your best while reducing the risk of injury. Created by NBA legend Steve Nash and his team of world-class sport performance coaches. It’s now available for athletes of any age and ability.


We discuss:


* Why he’s grateful for his wife and the mindfulness knowledge she shared with him
* Advice for other founders on using mindfulness
* How mindfulness helped his business
* An overview of BLOCK Training and its origins with Steve Nash
* His background in the music industry and entertainment
* How he met Steve Nash and how the training developed
* The BLOCK Training customer - who are they
* A review and breakdown of the BLOCK method and philosophy
* How the program works and is there equipment needed
* Why it’s science and evidence based
* How they will help you make working out and health a habit
* And more…


Join Ramon Vela and kit Hawkins as we break down the inside story of BLOCK Training on The Story of a Brand.


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This episode is brought to you by Sendlane.


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