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The Story of a Brand

Aug 30, 2020

Through CrankTank, Scott Montgomery, Founder & President at CrankTank, has created a way for traditional brick and mortar companies to make the “D to C” shift. Montgomery recounts his background as an instinctive entrepreneur selling dictionaries during the 1980’s Detroit recession to becoming a lifelong learner in his father's business, in order to build the digital marketing agency, CrankTank. CrankTank introduces the opportunity for digital growth through blending both the traditional retail strategies and complementing it with newer digital retail channels.
In part one, Scott discusses: The origins of CrankTank starting with Cannondale; The importance of being a lifelong learner; How international business has affected CrankTank; The “D to C” shift switching to Direct to Consumers; How to use Amazon to better your brand; And so much more. 
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Scott in Part 1 of this episode and listen to him share the inside story of a brand.
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