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The Story of a Brand

Dec 20, 2018

It all started with fitness. Working out was Anthony Mendelson's time for himself. But like everyone else, he would bring his phone into the gym and get text messages, DMs, etc. Working out wasn't the stress reliever he had planned it to be. He started asking himself, do other people have this problem?

Eventually, he realized that there was a whole segment of people who wanted to disconnect from their phones and other digital distractions. That's when the idea of Mighty Audio came about and the tagline: Breakfree was born. Mighty Audio's mission was to give people the time to focus on themselves and the things they love, not the things that distract from that. Along, the way, we raised money, built a team, developed a strategic partnership, made mistakes and learned a whole lot along the way. Listen to this episode and hear Anthony Mendelson, CEO of Might Audio s the inside story of the building a hardware brand.


This episode is Part 1 or 2 of our interview with Anthony Mendelson.

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